About us

El Atrouche Furniture

El Atrouche Furniture is the top of Alexandria’s well-known furniture manufacturing company for classic handmade furniture style located in Egypt.

It was founded in 1936 by Zakaria El Atrouche and continued by Eng.Cherif El Atrouche and his sons.

Zakaria El Atrouche started his journey in 1936 as he initiated his first factory and first showroom at Damyetta – Egypt.

With his first development, he moved to Alexandria and opened his second showroom at El – Mansheya – Alexandria in 1954,

as shown in the picture.


Then he relocated his factory to Alexandria in 1970 and started to export his products to Poland & Moscow, Russia.

Mr. Zakaria El Atrouche & Eng. Cherif El Atrouche at Alexandria factory with the polandian experts to see their furniture in the industry process in the 70’s,

as shown in the picture.


In 1988 El Atrouche expanded the business by opening a third showroom at 55 El Horreya road (Fouad street) –Alexandria,

as shown in the picture.

El Atrouche Furniture store

The operations expanded in 1995 when El Atrouche started exporting products to The United States of America and Germany. By 1997, he also started supplying Indonesia.

All components are made in our company, from the choice of the woods to the final assembly and we use high quality materials processed by expert craftsmen using special developed painting and finishing techniques.

Our goal is to create the perfect & classy furniture for each home with impeccable design and quality standards.

That’s why “Quality comes first” is our slogan.

Our main target is perfection leading to success.

We offer different kinds of bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms in any shape and size with endless varieties, furthermore salons and reproduction of antiques.

Furnishing Hotel rooms, restaurants, tourist village and cafes is also one of our specializations where we offer a huge range of products that will add undeniable value to your amenities.

Our furniture is designed to bring a warm glow into your premises.

We make sure everything we do honors the connection between our commitment to excellence and unmatched comfort

We are here to help you build your home like it’s a paradise.